Sysdig Secure for cloud



Welcome to the Sysdig Secure for cloud hands-on workshop. In this workshop, you will learn how use Sysdig’s Unified Vulnerability Scanning, CSPM, and Cloud Threat Detection to run cloud applications in production securely.

You will also discover how to improve the security of your cloud infrastructure using AWS CloudTrail and Sysdig CloudConnector. So not only are the applications secure, but so is the cloud infrastructure on which they depend!

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of this workshop is to familiarize users with the installation, configuration, and usage of the following Sysdig security tools specific to AWS:

  • Amazon ECR Image Registry Scanning
  • Amazon ECS & Fargate Image Scanning
  • Cloud Security Posture Management and Compliance
  • Threat Detection based on CloudTrail

Who should take this workshop?

  • Infrastructure Engineers

  • DevOps Engineers

  • Solutions Architects 

  • Software Developers

  • Site Reliability Engineers (SREs)

  • Technical leads